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Poweramp ignores bluetooth audio focus disabled settings.


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Xperia X, stock Oreo.

Similar issue like -

I have two audio apps, Poweramp and SmartAudibook Player and mainly I listen audiobooks in car. I had also issue with JetAudio, it also autolaunched in car, even if it was killed before (Greenify). So I uninstalled JetAudio, and used  Musically, which worked fine but had other audio quality related issues, so I bought Poweramp and I'm again back in square one.

Few examples:
1) All audio apps are killed, starting car radio and Poweramp pops active and starts to play and car radio screen shows Poweramp infomation (song/album etc). I can stop it via phone but the car radio still shows Poweramp infomation (song/album etc). To clear the car radio screen I must kill Poweramp manually.

2) Airplane mode is active, SmartAudibook Player is playing and car radio screen is showing book info, disabling airplane mode, SmartAudibook Player stopped, Poweramp activated, car radio screen shows Poweramp infomation (song/album etc). When I manually press SmartAudibook Player play button in phone screen, the SmartAudibook Player stars playing again, but car radio screen still shows Poweramp information (song/album etc).

Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Resume on Bluetooth is disabled.
Settings > Audio > Audio Focus > Short and Permanent Audio Focus are disabled.

BTW, why Poweramp does't have Exit button? Why I must use Greenify  etc or kill Poweramp via phone settings?

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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Try disabling the background service when idle, in Settings > Misc. Also take a took at Last Processed Commands (in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth) as it could be that your BT car headunit is sending media commands upon re-connection, quite a lot of them do.

Settings > Misc > Keep Service is disabled. And Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands contains only one line - empty.

Seems that when BT in switched on, also all BT compatible app -s are started right away. There are many options for Poweramp > Android BT,  but there is none options for Android BT > Poweramp  and in my case I need option that Poweramp must ignore Android BT wake command.

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