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volume dependend equalizer settings


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Typically earphone sounds different while changing the volume level. 
In most cases the earphones sounds better, when volume level is a bit higher.

I think it's a good idea to have the possibility to have different equalizer settings for different volume levels.
So I can boost high and low frequencies when volume is low.

At a first step it could be enough to automatically change the 'PreAmp' slider when volume level changes.
The perfect way could be a spline graph over the whole volume range to find the perfect setup.

What do you think of this idea?

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I don't think gain and volume are the same. 
I guess gain is a kind of multiplicator. When I increase volume the gains is increased too.
My hearphones sounds better if i increase the volume. So gain can decrease
When I decrease volume I need more treble and bass, so gain must increase.

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Gain and Volume are effectively the same thing, basically they are a simpler and a more technical word for the same function. They both increase or decrease the overall amplitude of sound that you hear from the output device. They do not create and difference in treble/bass - although acoustically your ears will tend to register bass more easily when the sound levels are higher, so your comment about boosting bass if the final output levels are lower makes sense, although would be rather complex to implement.

The difference within PA is that the 'gain' function we are discussing occurs before any other EQ processing ("pre-amp", so more like an input volume adjustment) whereas the device's main Volume control is post-processing and boosts or reduces the final mixed/processed sound.

Pre-amp Gain is useful to increase any very low level input sources, or to reduce the level of any sources which are already close to digital maximum (and thus would otherwise leave no headroom for making major EQ band boosts without introducing clipping).

But if you just want it loud, boosting both the Pre-amp Gain and the Output volume is like turning it up to 11. :) 


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