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Add music ranking from itunes and windows

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Hello! i use Poweramp for some years now, best music app (tryed every single one), but would be really amazing if the app have support for music rating like itunes (or windows, i think they are the same codewise)


I rate ALL my music in my computer, and would be a blast if that get imported in the Poweramp app.

as far as i know, ratings information is saved inside the mp3 itself, so its a matter of Poweramp reading this in the propper way. 


that would be awesome, REALLY AWESOME, pretty please? :D

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Yes, music ratings can be saved inside MP3 files using the POPM tag. However as the standards vary somewhat between different audio formats, Max has so far decided not to implement reading them into Poweramp's database or writing the PA database  back to physical files.

There are other apps though - such as the rather handy New Playlist Manager - which are able to read these POPM tags for you, and transfer the information over into Poweramp's internal music database.


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