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All title from same album display scattered


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I made an album myself, it contains covers from other artists.
The Artist and contributing artists are different for each title but they all share the same album name.
When I search for the album I can find all the entries but they are displayed one by one having the same album.
They are not displayed under the album, for each entry I find the album with one title on it.
What other attributes do I have to take care of?
I tried other music players and they share this behavior so it won't be a bug but something I'm doing wrong.

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2 hours ago, deboopi said:

And what about compilation albums with songs from several artists, will they share this problem?

Yes, that's what the Album Artist tag is for. Set it to "Various Artists" or something similar in those sort of cases.

The reason is to avoid a situation where (for example) you have a number of songs by David Bowie in an album entitled "Greatest Hits",  and some other songs by ABBA in another album of the same title "Greatest Hits". Obviously in that case they should not all be grouped together to make one large album, which is what would happen if only the Album Title tag were to be referenced. By setting an Album Artist tag too, those two albums will be shown correctly. 


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