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Playlist viewing and editing


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I use my tablet, which has Poweramp on it to play random songs from a playlist I created. I also want to be able to edit the playlist. I just don't know how. I would like to put several songs in a playlist, and then while playing, view the list. Then at the end of a song, pick the next one from the list at random, like using windows explorer.

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While the playlist is playing, tap the album art area and you will be taken to the list so you can choose another song by tapping on it.

To add a new song (or songs) to a playlist, find the song/album/folder/etc in the Library views and long-press on it. You can then multi-select using the tickboxes on the left if you want. When you are ready, tap "+ Playlist" and choose which playlist you'd like to add to. Or you can make a new playlist if you prefer.

To edit a playlist, go to the Library >Playlists view and select the playlist you want to modify. Long-press on any song in the list (and optionally select more songs as above) and you can delete them from the list, or use the thumb-device on the right to move any song up or down the list. 


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