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List of Google Assistant Commands?

Timmy H

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I see that Poweramp supports voice commands. Using Assistant what are the things you can do? I have tried to get playlists working, can you control the new streaming? Can you use a voice command for Recently Added? Shuffle? etc. I searched everywhere, I think. I have been mostly focusing on playlists, I can get Poweramp to start, but it will not start a named playlist.

Play Playlist Playlist_name on Poweramp or play Poweramp playlist Playlist_name

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I'm sure Max will be along with a more comprehensive list, but generally the form is:

Play <artistname>
Play albumname>
Play <songtitle>
Volume Up
Volume Down

(if Poweramp is not your default music player, you may need to add "in Poweramp" to the above)

Shuffle <artist> used to work for me in Android 6.0.1, but does not seem to now in Android 9.

What does and doesn't work is very much dependent on the version of Android, your language settings, Google Assistant versions,  etc.


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