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Bluetooth DVC not working after MIUI update


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Poweramp Build: 860

Device: Xioami MI 9T 

Firmware: MIUI 11 Global 11.0.4 QFJEUXM


Direct Volume Control for Bluetooth is not working at all even though I have Absolute Volume disabled, but Poweramp doesn't seem to detect it, instead it shows the message "status unknown" 

When did it start?After updating from MIUI PFJEUXM (didn't do a factory reset after updating), before updating my firmware DVC worked perfectly on all outputs

Things that I attempted to do to fix the problem (and failed):

·Unpair the device (Haylou GT1)

·Reboot the phone

·Reset every setting to default

·Clear data and cache followed by force closing the app

·Uninstall and then reinstall Poweramp

·Update Poweramp Activator app

·Check that Absolute Volume is disabled in developer settings (it is)

My Guess: Poweramp is unable to detect that Absolute Volume is disabled and stops DVC from working in Bluetooth


I've already sent my Poweramp log for further detail


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