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Personal Ear or Headphone Profiler


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What i would like to see and this would set PA pro light years head of the rest is to have a feature where each ear right and left (or both together) can be tested for each frequency band hearing levels. Kind of like those hearing test apps. They test different ranges and draw you a graph showing your hearing levels. Now take this further and apply and save your hearing test as a customised equalizer setting. Ultimately the frequency you have difficulty hearing will be raised x number of decibels to compensation and frequencies where you hear extremely well or too senstive can be adjusted lower on the equalizer band.

The above can also be applied to your headphones. All headphones respond to and have a different sonic print. So your customised setting would apply for your ears in combination with your headphones. 

We all have different sensitivities or deficiency when it comes to hearing frequency ranges in the audio spectrum. Even each ear left or right will hear different frequency's at different volumes, better or worse than the opposite ear.

Years ago there was an app called Neutralizer in the android play store but developers stopped supporting it and hasn't been updated since 2016 and no longer works on the various android phones i've owned over the years.


In any case keep up the good work on PApro.

HTC had this feature built into their HTC10 and beyond. 



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