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A Sub-menu to Headset/Bluetooth options for settings to individual devices


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I just thought it would be great to assign per-device settings in some of the menus. Particularly, the headset/bluetooth options would be nice. An example use case would be a person wants resume on bluetooth ticked for their car bluetooth, but not their headphones. In my case, this is the very example case that I would use this feature for - I don't want to get my phone out of my pocket or bag when I get into my car and I want the resume on bluetooth. But with my headphones, I sometimes wear them only for noise cancellation, or to block distractors out and everytime I put them on, they connect via bluetooth to my phone and Poweramp starts to play music, which I have to stop.


I hope you guys agree and implement this feature. It would be a great welcome.


All the best,

A Poweramp user of 10 years who just switched to bluetooth headphones.

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