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  1. Hey that's a great idea! Funny enough I'm getting my first Android auto car next week 😄 That would've probably been my next if you hadn't mentioned it. Cheers.
  2. Hello! I've recently moved on from using a widget to a shortcut, and in the long press menu I noticed a great sol key icon - it is the Library quick access icon in the LibSolKey.png screenshot below. I want to use this as my icon, so whilst I can do it manually on Nova Launcher I thought it'd be nice to have it normally via the Settings > Look and Feel > Icon submenu. Why not I thought 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work! P.s.: I'm currently using a free stock image for the icon. I inverted the colour to match my black background for now, I think it looks better than the white
  3. Hello! I just thought it would be great to assign per-device settings in some of the menus. Particularly, the headset/bluetooth options would be nice. An example use case would be a person wants resume on bluetooth ticked for their car bluetooth, but not their headphones. In my case, this is the very example case that I would use this feature for - I don't want to get my phone out of my pocket or bag when I get into my car and I want the resume on bluetooth. But with my headphones, I sometimes wear them only for noise cancellation, or to block distractors out and everytime I put them on,
  4. Still no fix at version 814, I'm updating the OP accordingly. I have tested this to be a persistent bug in nearly every car I have been to and with all phones I have at hand that are at or above Android 6. At least an admission of the bug actually existing and is under work would be most welcome at this point.
  5. Apparently on some days it gets worse. Also the bug still persists at version 805. As @dvhttn said also I have tried this in two other cars (specifically a Seat Leon 2017 and a 3 series F30 BMW) and both have the issue so it is not specific to my phone and/or car.
  6. Hello! Devices tested: Huawei P9, Mate 9, and HTC 10 Folder structure used, album track count and track information are correct in track metadata and/or cue sheets. Test Example: An album of (let's say) 10 songs. When the first track is being played, Poweramp reports 2/10. When the penultimate (9th) track is being played, Poweramp reports 10/10. When the last track (actual 10th) is being played it fails to display track counter in car display and simply shows "Track: " instead of "Track: 10/10" Track numbers in my car did not work at all until v3 releas
  7. Hello! I've tested this issue with build 797 and 799, had not paid it any attention whether it existed before or not. When connected to my car, the track counter (let's say x) is always x + 1 in the album. The issue persists throughout my media library and it is apparent on files with correct track number and album track count metadata as well. Example: Song #1 playing from album (folder structure) with 9 tracks. The car will display 2/9 instead of 1/9 and on the 9th song it'll fail to display anything as 10/9 does not exist. Can provide photos if needed.
  8. Hey Gonzafed; press and hold the shuffle button to see all options and select easily instead of lopping. Also, for @maxmp wouldn't the shuffle and repeat / advance list buttons be more consistent if both said categories? Right now you shuffle categories but repeat lists.
  9. Not only in queue but when seeking between folders / albums 796 crashes on my phone too. Seeking via forward / rewind work on Bluetooth and in the notification but not in the player screen, seeking between files on the player screen doesn't crash either, just between folders. I recorded my screen for demonstration: https://youtu.be/7ce3SPFuxrk
  10. From what I read so far to the 8th page pretty much everything has been reported similarly, but to voice my own and add another name to the list here is my feedback so far from 1 day's use: - I agree with others that album list view is way too inefficiently utilized. I have the same album art at the top and next to each song, I would much rather have album art just at the top and a more condensed look to the album list view. - I also have the issue where the sort selection resets every once in a while. I have so far had to re-select "By track #" about 10 times. - I don't want to
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