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This is my first post so I'm sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere. I also want to say how much I love this app! I listen to music pretty much every chance I get and this app has really enhanced that experience. 

I have just over 4,000 songs on my phone and one of the issues I have is the Artists list. Is there any way of categorising this so that I can view artists grouped together in some way? For example, if I'm scrolling through artists to select for a playlist I often find myself wading through irrelevant music. I know there is a Genre function but, as far as I can see, this is predetermined by the information attached to the song when it's transferred. One thing that really exacerbates the problem is compilation discs. They pepper the artists list with sporadic entries. One solution, if it's possible, would be to create a playlist that I can view by artist. I know I can sort by artist in a playlist but that would still be messy as I would see every song by each artist. 

Any help would be great and thanks again for making one of the best apps I've ever used! 

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You can set the sort order for Artists by Name, by Date Added, or (new) by Number of Tracks.

If you want more control, I would suggest using Folders mode and set your directory layout so you have Artists > Albums > songfiles. Then you can name the various folders in such a way as to sort the unwanted ones towards the end (the names shown in the list will still be taken from tags, so won't show your special file/folder names, they would only be used for sorting).


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Hi Andre, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me. 

I've just discovered that I can edit genres which will give me exactly the control I was looking for. I thought I'd only be able to do this back on my laptop but it looks like I can edit each track's genre on my phone. 

Thanks again!

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