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Play folder in random mode


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I use Poweramp mostly to play a folder and not an album or author, or any tag related, etc.

To play a folder randomly, I only found the way by creating a playlist from the folder, but not just by opening a folder and hit the random button.

I would like a feature for the random button where I can choose random play of titles in that folder only.

3.856 beta on Android 9.0

Thanks frank




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In the Player screen, tap (or long-press) the Shuffle icon to adjust the random method.

Shuffle Songs (shuffles the tracks within each folder randomly, but still chooses the actual folders in regular order)
Shuffle Categories (chooses a folder at random, but plays the tracks inside the folder in order)
Shuffles Songs/Categories (chooses a folder at random and then plays all of the tracks within it randomly too)
Shuffle All (plays your whole music collection, picking a random track every time, from any folder)
Shuffle Off (plays all tracks in order, and folders in order)






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Thank you for your answer!

"...Shuffle Songs (shuffles the tracks within each folder randomly, but still chooses the actual folders in regular order)..."

This i tried, but it jumps out of the actual folder. I want to hear only the tracks of one folder, but randomly.

To be more clear: In "Library" I hit "Folders". Here I choose a Folder, e.g. folder-name "MyEveningMusic", contains 20 tracks. I hit now the "Shuffle Songs" and expect that only these 20 tracks are played, ranomly...
... and it works.
Sorry, I don't know what I made wrong, maybe I always have tapped "Shuffle All".
Sorry and thanks :)

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