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Deep Library Scan


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Deep Library scan doesn't seem to work anymore.

If I have an Artist folder like Kira Skov and an album subfolder like I Nat Blir Vi Gamle it will not be included with a library scan.

If I add the album to the main folder as Kira Skov - I Nat Blir Vi Gamle there is no problem.

Have several main folders with artist and subfolder with the album title created with earlier Poweramp versions.


Sorry - posted wrong, but cannot change it.

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Have a look in Settings > Library > Music Folders. For any newly created subfolders to be automatically included, the whole of the upper containing folder must be ticked. If you only select some of its sub-folders, you'll need to add any new ones manually when you create them. IMHO the best way is to simply select just the master top-level music folder, so everything underneath will be automatically picked too, then do a FULL Rescan just to be sure.


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