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Hi...I obviously just don't understand how to control playlists. Adding songs seems awkward etc to the point where I'd rather do in on a desktop player and copy the playlist.

Be that as it may...I am now sort of trapped by the system playlists, which as I understand are managed by Android not Power Amp.

I had over 500 playlists physically on the device under /audio/playlists. I then removed many of them---and Android continues to keep a record of them and list over 500 playlists. How do I get rid of them? I sure am not clicking one by one and saying "delete". Then I decided to add some back. It created duplicates of every playlist I had previously had and removed. Not only can't I get rid of things I physically once removed, I now have two copies of everything. Then I woke this morning having made no changes and I find--they've given birth again and there are even more. I now have triplicates. This happened spontaneously without me moving any physical items to or from the device.

This is amazingly absurd. Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

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you can control system playlists in stock player (except for samsung phones, their stock player doesn't use stock playlists.... though system library still keeps track of them), and you can delete playlists in PowerAMP v1.4 as well. Android won't restore the playlist if it's deleted from filesystem and from its database.

As for PowerAMP v2.0 it also imports file playlists. This is independently from system library. If playlist file is deleted, PowerAMP will also remove it from own library - on first attempt to load such playlist. You can also just mass delete them right from PowerAMP.


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