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  1. I've used (and not particularly liked) MM for quite awhile--I just can't get it to pop up any more when I click the lyrics drop-down menu in Pam. In any event, I tried the Google suggestion. I like that--and it comes with a LOT less baggage. I think I'll just play with that for awhile.
  2. Of late, have not been able to get MusicMatch to work. It used to. (V3, Build 853). Am I doing something wrong perhaps or is there a bug? I saw in a post that it supposedly still works with MusicMatch (a program I find rather annoying, to be honest). I am looking for that type of experience where it shells out to the lyrics rather than me having to insert lyrics as tags. Any advice? Samsung S9+
  3. Correct, but if I had to keep using a program for the next 3 years (whatever) that I can't update, eventually that takes a toll when new versions of Android come out. Sometimes, things no long work smoothly, bugs occur, slowdowns, etc. Sometimes using outdated software works. Sometimes, it does not. I tend not to like that solution as a matter of principle. For me, it comes down to go with the flow or find a new program. I've already decided that I'm not abandoning a very good program I've used for a very long time. I am sure I will get used to this in time. That's not to say I'm happy or amused, but I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water. The program does too many other things well and I've used it too long to consider ditching it.
  4. Thanks, but it was the dark that I was particularly trying to avoid (although I like the light even less...) I was using an aluminum style skin. Thanks for the tip, but if you have an aluminum one... I guess I'll get used to it eventually, but I wasted a lot of time last night and I honestly still don't see what advantage I got for that.
  5. that about sums it up. It would be nice if we could get an option to just switch back to the former UI as a skin. Sideloading appears to be a problem given other things that have occurred. as i said in another post, I imagine I will learn it and get used to it eventually. But this is a radical change for something that I have used for so long. I don't really see why I should have to learn something new when the old was working just fine.
  6. that is true to some extent. I imagine that one day I will get used to the new version. The thing is, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old version so I didn't really need a new version I don't need to be sitting here all night trying to figure out where everything is in the new version. I don't need to see that all my old skins no longer work. I had no need for an upgrade. Everything was working fine. It would have been nice to have been given a choice.
  7. So, this was my question too. I really cannot stand the new interface...it seems like there were a lot of things that were not broken, but they were fixed anyway. I cannot believe how much time I've wasted tonight for no reason whatsoever to try and get the interface back to something I can actually use. Meanwhile all my old skins don't work. in grayed out letters it says that the skins have to be updated, but there doesn't seem to be any way to update them. There is nothing to click. There are no instructions. Nothing appears in play store. Honestly.... I am really distressed to see that there is no easy way to revert back to version 2. no way am I going to rebuild databases and whatnot. So I guess I'm stuck with this mess. I just cannot say how annoying this is. I get nothing out of this update. I wasted a lot of time. I am apparently continuing to do so.
  8. Well, Max, but that's what should have happened, but it did not. I did not change the directory of the playlists on the card. I didn't change the directories of the music. IN fact, I just took the card I had in the old phone and flipped it into the new phone. I set up P-am to read the correct folders and ran a scan. Every playlist I opened said the same: 0 songs. BTW< I now am looking at the built-in music app and Google Play, and all the former playlists are there and populated---even after I have actually deleted the physical files. It has somehow pulled them in from some mysterious cache I can't find. Indeed, the music app now has 3 versions of them, each cached from my attempt to recreate them. Where, I have no idea. Managing playlists was a lot easier on Treo 680. This is not much of an compliment to Android.
  9. Yes, text editing would work great if I had specifics on what to edit in and how, but as noted, I don't. I can't figure out what the path is to text edit IN. So, I've gave up on that. It would've been nice to have some definitive info. It doesn't seem like it should be complicated to do, but as with everything involving playlists, I guess it is. WIth regard to the 706 playlists recovered, that omits about 150 or so. Trying to figure out one by one what's missing, what's not is impossible given the problems with file management on Android. I open up the two windows in Win Explorer--they don't even populate correctly. I try pulling up the native file manager, but that doesn't open in 2 windows, plus there's the small screen issue. So, I just deleted the playlists. Since I had a directory structure for music that was a legacy of having a smaller SD card, I figured I would take advantage of this to combine those directories, since the path no longer mattered. Even that was an incredible chore. Just trying to find the SD card in Andro Explorer is a nice puzzle. Astro Explorer works better but refused to copy any files into the same directory name---like /Audio2/Joe Blow/The Wines to /Audio/Joe Blow/ on the ground that there was already a "Joe Blow" folder--even though it didn't include the album "The WInes." Andro would ask me if I wanted to overwrite, but Astro wouldn't. The native file browser was equally bad. Win Explorer wouldn't populate the windows correctly. You know, I feel like it took about 3 hours to get the new phone set up. ANd 3 days to get Poweramp's playlist issues resolved. And then only by wiping them out. I think it's better to just not use playlists. Obviously, they create more problems than they are worth--we won't even mention Pamp's own historical issues--like the tendency for Pamp to zero playlists out when you add songs to a list that had some missing songs; or to wipe out lists when upgrading the program. Playlists are supposed to make life easy. It shouldn't be this difficult.
  10. Folders were properly selected as the music folders before scanning. Basically, I gave up. The way these are handled is really frustrating and I figured it was a done deal for having to redo the important ones and giving up the idea of playlists. Managing playlists in Android is simply a full time job. So, I deleted all the file based playlists on the card. From the /emulated directory, I deleted all the playlists there. I deleted every playlist folder I could find. Then checking P-amps settings I was curious what would happen if I clicked "import playlists". I didn't tell it where---to my knowledge, there were none left. Suddenly 700+ playlists are back, all with songs populated. Where did they come from? Since I deleted every physical file? Why do they work now? I probably shouldn't question good fortune, but figuring out what is going on here seems to require an Android developer.
  11. Ok, I edited everything to a generic /audio or /audio2. Rescanned. Total songs picked up: 0 Can you or someone tell me exactly what path to edit keeping in mind that I am on an SD Card subdirectory either /audio or /audio2 1000 playlists...toast, otherwise.
  12. Correct, ICS to JB. I see the thread you are talking about, but I'm not sure what the path should be if I edit. Can you be more specific as to what I should replace? Thanks for the TextCrawler suggestion--sounds handy to have around even without THIS issue.
  13. yes, about 75% .m3u, the rest in m3u8 The path TO the card might be different (from HTC to Samsung), but otherwise I have identical directories set up. This is how my header looks from one of my backup playlists that worked on my old phone: /mnt/sdcard/Audio/Melody Gardot/The Absence/01 - Mira.mp3 As a test, I created a Pamp playlist on the new phone, and then exported it to file hoping to view the header. Except I can't find it. the test playlist appears in my list of playlists and the newly created (on the phone) list has all the songs. I exported. But despite Pamp's advice as to where the file is located, I can't find it. I ran a search of the phone...still can't find it. It used to be exported to the /Playlists folder at the root card. (My playlists are generally kept in /Audio/Playlists--so this is a different directory). I finally (with the file manager native to the phone rather than Win Explorer) found the /emulated directory on the phone. I then tried to move the test playlist. It shows up in the native file manager, but not Win Explorer. So, I don't quite know how to manipulate, edit it or anything else, which after all, was the point of exporting it. I don't really know what to do to give you that information. Handling playlists on Android has always seemed like a full time job. Not that I would edit all 1000 missing playlists --especially those that merely mirror folders---but is there any way to edit one so that is picked up again? Some eclectic ones I have would be easier to edit than recreate.
  14. I have about 1000 playlists. At the moment, they all say 0 songs. I flipped my old card, which had the playlists folder under /Audio on the card, to my new phone. I ran a scan. Went to Playlists in Pamp, everything is 0 songs. The folders are there, I've gotten the program to recognize everything properly, I can play from folder view. I tried copying backed up playlists again, now that I've scanned and played. The minute go to Playlists in Poweramp, it says 0 songs on every one. I still have backups that are NOT 0 songs if that would help. But is there anyway I can restore these under these circumstances or do I now have to recreate 1000 playlists?
  15. " google music song info" Could you expand on this? Does this mean we'll be able to stream, or just see what's there? I'm dying for GM support.
  16. http://forum.poweram...__fromsearch__1 There are a lot of threads on this. None seems to contain answers or responses, though. The silence here is often deafening.
  17. I don't think GMusic is a bad app per se--it's just that P-amp is far better. --It handles Playlists better --It has an equalizer --I can edit song metadata on the device --I like its look and feel better. Still, as things continue to progress, about 65% of my stuff is now online. I use GM more and more by necessity, P-amp less and less. That's sure not my preference. I still do not know if GM will ever allow 3rd party integration, but if so, someone could sure do a better job than GM is doing of integrating offline and online music.That's my biggest gripe with GM. It doesn't even show album covers of purchased MP3s purchased from someplace other than GM (and I find Amazon is usually cheaper...!) --There should be some clear indicator (color coding? a little icon?) indicating when music is online only (I don't like to "hide unavailable..." or have to keep toggling) --There should be some way to integrate playlists. If I create a list with both online and offline music, and I'm not online, it should still function for what's available. As it is, however, if you use GM to add a song to an offline playlist, it basically then shows you only the online music forever more until you manually recopy the old the playlist to your SD card. I suspect one day this gets resolved. It would be nice to hear from the developers here. Re: the email I mentioned sending several weeks ago--no response whatsoever. Support here is never great.
  18. Yes, as Andrew said---go into settings, make sure it is scanning all the folders where your music is, and have it re-scan.
  19. Where is the folder that Gmusic uses to store? I've asked their tech support where things go when you check "made available offline" but they never answer.
  20. As I said in another thread, this is sad. The storage in G-music is amazing. I love P-amp but I use it less and less because with over half my collection now online I can't keep switching back and forth wondering where things are. This is very regrettable. In another thread, it was stated that G-Music's API is NOT made available to 3rd party developers. If that is true, I can't understand why g-music won't allow outside interfaces---there are other interfaces by 3rd parties with their calendar, tasks apps and so on. But this is a huge issue for P-amp's future. P-amp is a better player, I like it way better. But I don't use it much any more.
  21. I had just emailed re: the same; your research was better than mine. This is an unfortunate thing since over half my collection now is online only at Gmusic. Increasingly, it makes P-amp obsolete. There is no point switching back and forth between apps wondering where things are. That's highly regrettable as I'd much rather use P-amp. I'm surprised G-music doesn't support access. Usually they are pretty good about such things. Right now, I'm using Google Tasks Organizer which simply acts as a 3rd party interace to Google tasks. People have calendar apps using G-calendar and sync to it; and voice activation apps that use google voice recognition on android. It wouldn't seem like such a big deal. But the inability to be allowed to support streaming greatly interferes with the usefulness of P-amp now. The truth is that g-music provides amazing storage capabilities. It's hard to ignore. I greatly prefer P-amp as a player, but I can't give up over half my collection to use it.
  22. Hi....from looking around I see that playlists are a constant topic---the inability to easily backup in Android and the awkward creation is a continuing pain. With 10 year old technology on a Palm Treo, it is faster and simpler using programs like Ptunes. The recent change in the way playlists was handled was a nice and thoughtful improvement, a step in the right direction, but only a step. At least now it is POSSIBLE to deal with playlists on the device. It is still awkward enough so that I wind up creating them from my desktop, and that shouldn't have to be. The key problem is that I want to keep them both backed up and in a universally useable format (like m3u or whatever) that I can use across devices and systems. The new feature allowing creation and then export to m3u or similar is a relief--now it's possible at least. But my question is....why the multi-step process? When you go to create a playlist, why can't it simply ask you (or allow you to have predefined options) how you want it done? Let it go through the creation/conversion/export process in the background if that is how Android has to fumble around, but I should be able to create a useable and backup-pable playlist from the get go, not have to go through this 5 step process: (1) create on device; 2. go into Poweramp settings; 3 choose to export/convert to a useable format I can control and backup; 4 delete the original creation, since clearly I don't need dupes; and finally; 5 move the exported/converted format into the folder where I keep my actual useable and backup-pable playlists. That's 5 steps. It could just be that when you go to create a playlist, it simply asks you where you want to save it and in what format (or you predefine those preferences---even better!). Done. No muss, no fuss. If Android doesn't allow that in one step,. since the program clearly has the ability to export and convert now, let that process go on invisibly behind the scenes, eliminating all the user-annoying steps outlined above. Thanks for listening. P.s. Along a similar concern on backing up---when you edit tags, if you then copy the song back to your desktop, does the tag remain? Or is that just from the playlist?
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