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How to organize Playlist tracks from copied CD,s

John O

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I dont quite know what happened to my playlists but they are now all out of order. To Clarify- I have copied a set of CD's (sometimes up to 14cd's and labelled them into different folders listed( cd # ,name of artist) Now they are all jumbled up showing up as track 1.1, 1.1 I.arranging all the tracks with the same numbering . How do I make it organize it the way I labelled the folders?

As well the app keeps pausing intermittently.

Finally it has suddenly stopped auto rotating with the screen. when you you rotate the screen of the fone by changing its position from vertical to horizontal,





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Do you actually mean Playlists, or Folders? If your new tracks have been ripped and tagged correctly form the CDs, there is no need for either Playlists or CUE files.

Which Poweramp Library Category are you using to view your files? As you seem to be desiring to use folder/filename navigation (and presumably all the tracks within each folder have two-digit track numbers at the start of each filename) then just use 'Folders' category and set the folder List Options (using the the three-dots menu in the folder view) to sort the folders "By Path". The actual songs should be set to sort "By Filename" (again, in the songs list, use the three-dots menu > List Options).

Screen Orientation can be adjusted in Settings > Look and Feel. Check that the option there is set to Default (which will make PA follow the system orientation, assuming you have that enabled in your basic Android Settings of course).


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