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automatic track gain system


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{ automatic trackgain system(feature) } to avoid volume fluctuations between tracks 

Please add a system (feature) which can adjust trackgain according to the music even if the audio file doesn't have trackgain information which the "jetaudio" app has and which makes many user to switch to the "jetaudio" app from Poweramp...

Please add this feature

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I have about 5000 mp3's and I've religiously used MP3Gain to level all of them (and quite successfully.)  However, I have over 1000 FLAC files and I can't seem to figure out how to get them to have the same volume as the mp3s (or the flac files to each other.)  If PA can't do on-the-fly leveling, then how do I level the FLAC files (and without destroying the audio quality)?  I've tried foobar2000 but can't seem tog et it right -- some albums are WAY too loud while others are lower.  Do you have any guidance?

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