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Nick Caraway

Songs are not displaying in the library

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Long time Poweramp user, (10+ years...)

New android phone

Clean install of lates version of Poweramp

Some artist/songs are complete in the library, some are partial/missing

For example, an album  24 songs is showing only 2 - 3  of the songs.

All files ARE on the device and the folder with the files IS being scanned/included in the library.

Artist/info tags are all consistent and SHOULD be showing

For example a song called 'Bonita' is on the device and being scanned but it does not show in any sort, (artist/album/songs) and does not show up in a global search




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One thing to check is that you don't have any CUE files pointing to individual audio files.

Do the 'missing' files show up in Folders view in Poweramp?


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