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Looking for a file syncing solution from cloud to a Android car head unit


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I have an Android car head unit with Poweramp installed which is running nicely playing my files off an  SD Card.


I'm looking for a nice method to transfer new music to it without the hassle of removing the SD Card, taking it to my computer and manually copying the files across.


Ideally I'd like to be able to upload my files from my PC to some sort of cloud storage and then when my car head unit next switches on (it has internet connection) have it automatically download those new files and (crucially) store them locally on the unit's SD Card. I don't want to have to keep accessing them via the internet, it has to actually copy them to the unit.

Any thoughts about how I might achieve this? 





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i believe that would allow me to access the files via the internet but I'm really looking for a solution to have the files copied locally to the unit. I don't want to have to use the internet every time I want to play a particular song.

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