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Im new to Poweramp and I couldn't find answer online. Do info/tag edits in the app actually change the metadata of the local file and not just change inside the app? I have a set up where I sync my android local music library to PC/Itunes and I noticed if I merge albums/change album art/add star rating, that does not get reflected in library or in iTunes

Do I need to use another app to make tag/album art/star edits that would reflect in the metadata of the song and subsequently in iTunes? Thanks

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Manually using the Info/Tags editor does change the content of the audio file on your device's storage by updating the Title/Artist/etc tags. However PA does not write other 'on the fly' details back to files, including ratings, recently-played status, or cover art. You would need to use an external app for those. Oh, and PA does not read any ratings back from files either.

An app called New Playlist Manager from the Play Store may help you.


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