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Weird Lockscreen in pocket issue.


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Hey Max/Andre,

The usual routine is to plug my earphones in (set to auto-start) and go about my business, but about 20-30 minutes into my wander, mid-play PA will suddenly jump ahead a couple of songs and start that track from the beginning, and it's getting quite common now.

Bearing in mind I have all the relevant settings to 'not activate in my pocket' set, but this screen appears (second image) and I don't recall ever seeing it before. I'm fairly certain it's something to do with the phone taking it upon itself to do this on its own as the icon (first image) is not PowerAmps, but a cross between Google Music and MIUI's music player (neither of which I've ever used!)

I've been using Poweramp for many years now on various phones without issue, which is why I'm thinking MIUI is to blame here. Can either of you shed some light on this as it's driving me mental now.

If you need anything further, I'll gladly pass it over.

Thanks in advance.

PA Ver: Latest
Phone: POCO F1
Virtually the same EU version as Max's.



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I think I've sorted the issue,  although due to the problem occurring randomly I haven't been able to verify it's correct.

I believe it's down to having Google Assistant turned on, which (after some research I discovered that) sometimes glitches out when earphones are connected. This causes it to randomly start up without prompting, which in turn overlays on top of the lockscreen, bypassing it completely and leaving it susceptible to touch and sound events despite the earphones not having a microphone.

Only discovered this behaviour while listening to music and reading and up it popped, without any prompting, asking me what I wanted, twice.

I've turned it off now, but since I haven't been out on any wanderings I can't confirm it's this that's causing the problem, but I'm fairly convinced it is considering the similarities.

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If you set your device to wake to a non-touchable wake screen (i.e. the initial screen requires you to swipe away before you get to anything functional) then the problem should not happen again anyway. If you have pressable buttons or widgets on your initial wake screen, then any unintended wakes could cause this problem.


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There's nothing at all set to wake the phone, I always keep my 'desktop' to one screen and icon/widget free, buttons are volume only w/long press disabled - which is why 'continue playing on inserting earphones' is such a godsend.

Funnily enough, it happened when I went shopping earlier. When I got home I spent thirty minutes actively trying to get it to unlock or get it to show that screen again but it wasn't doing it.

I was doing some research earlier and apparently Google implemented some cover-art on the lock screen type thing regardless of the app playing so I wonder if it's down to that (especially as it's showing the Google Music app icon)... Either way, I've used Titanium Backup to freeze both Google and Mi music players just in case - so far, it hasn't shown itself since the second time I went out.

I've got a horrible feeling it might be something to do with an MIUI theme that I have applied, but again, I have no way to tell as random problems only happen when you're NOT looking for them...

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