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Shuffle within a single folder issue?


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All of my music is arranged into folders of various genres. So I need to shuffle songs within a single folder. 

1) Unless I am in the folder I want to shuffle, and select one song, the long press of shuffle on the right cannot get me to 'shuffle songs'

2) No matter what I chose, shuffle, usually sooner than later, jumps to a different folder

How can I limit shuffling to single folder?

The old interface did this flawlessly. 

This is killing my use of Poweramp

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Once you have found the folder and song that you want in the library Folders view, just tap on the song to start playback.

To listen to that currently playing folder in random songs order, tap the Shuffle icon on the player screen to set it to 'Shuffle Just Songs'.

If you only want to listen to a single folder, set the Repeat icon to 'Off'.

(The Shuffle and Repeat modes will remain just as you have selected them, so any song you select from the folders list in future will play the same way)


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