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Queue improvements from 2.0 beta

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Hey all,

Have been rocking the 2.0beta for the last day or so and love what I see - two niggly things with the queue keep coming to mind:

- Don't add duplicate tracks - would be nice if there was a menu option, or a setting to prevent duplicates from being queued. If a songs already queued up, don't add it again unless I want it added again ( handy for when adding playlists to the queue )

- Automatically remove a track from the queue once listened to. The queue seems to track the played tracks by marking them grey/dark, but would also be nice to maybe (setting?) remove a track from the queue once played.


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Thanks for the feedback/request.

1. will think about adding this option for queue as well.

2. queue behaves a bit differently. It will clean up itself if ALL songs were played from it. Otherwise, new songs will be added to the end of the queue.

This allows adding the played queue items to the playlists.

Queue always jumps to first non-played item if return to queue option is enabled.

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