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  1. *returns to the forum for the first time in months* - wait - it's STILL not out? Oh man. I'm somewhat unsurprised at that knowledge. I've done the drastic thing of actually returning to an iPod ( tho that was more frustration with my ongoing iSyncr vs iTunes battle ).
  2. Just logged in to see if PA was finally out - colour me not actually surprised... based on that git log screenshot awhile ago, progress seems reallllly slow. One day maybe...
  3. Only if you're using stock, pre-written controls I bet, or not writing animation transitions ( which I hear can be a bitch to get working right ).
  4. I think the grok the bottom interface - and I suspect this theme, whilst being an actual theme, maybe one just given out to testers, or a test theme for whatever theme engine Max has come up with. Anyway, I suspect the bottom buttons are: Folders/Playlists/Artists Equalizer settings ( people were asking about easy access, this would seem VERY easy access ) Search ( well duh ) Play queue No progress bar? Well, the screenshot doesn't show animations and is just a static shot so who knows, but we do see the overlay of "0:55 [pause] 4.19" - which is progress information, we also see a clock icon ( strangely placed under the visualiser ) which MAY change this readout, or be a sleep-timer? There's a button in the middle to the left of the random/repeat, which I guess is visualizer on/off - OR it might toggle between progress... Voting? Seems odd, but then most players have some form of star rating system, maybe this is just a yay/nay ( works for me ) which works with some form of smart playlist. Just looking at static screenshots really don't convey much about an application these days. Hopefully it comes soon.... I'm eager...
  5. It's not that weird actually - frustrating yes, and I'm 100% positive it's just as, if not MORE frustrating for Max. Sometime's bug fixes/changes in code that may look trivial, or fair insignificant to users can be quite an extensive change of an underlying system. In the case of the material redesign, and what ever related theming engine/support Max has worked up - providing fixes/support for different versions of Android, or specific device manufacturers ( as was recently sited by Andre ) could potentially require small changes at the lowest ends of the stack, unfortunately - in those scenarios you often end up with LOTS of small changes at different points in the stack, that all need to be fixed, often in circular patterns of fix one, uncover another issue, fix one, uncover another. I have similar issues often in code at work, everyone does. It's a horrible place to be in, as those seemingly small changes can eat and eat and eat away at time that would be better used watching TV, eating pizza, writing features that demanding users are bleating endlessly for ( date sorting fixes *cough* ). It's frustrating as hell for the developer as it's nigh on impossible to put a timeline on the shifting time of those fixes. It's frustrating as hell for the users who are unable to watch/follow the progress as one might do when internal to an organisation and can follow the CI builds. It's also totally frustrating that, often these small issues prevent a working build from actually being made, or at least one that won't just blow up in your face the moment you do something. It'll be released when it's released, there's only a certain number of hours in the day that one can lend to these activities as well without going blind or stir crazy. Am I eager to see the release done? Hell yes, do I want it rushed? Hell no. Do I want more visibility and progress reports that might go over the heads or more users? Actually, as a developer, podcaster, and indirectly investor ( once, long long ago, remember that folks - ONE TIME PAYMENT of so LITTLE MONEY ) I'd love to actually hear what the challenges Max has been facing, and whatever solutions were employed to resolve them. Lets just be patient ok? Now - MAX - WHERES THE RELEASE?!?!? :)))
  6. It's my birthday tomorrow - I'd be super duper stoked if we saw a release... 2 days left in May.... I'm hoping.... ...if not however - I'll happy knowing I"m getting to see, and photograph the one and only Fleshgod Apocalypse tomorrow night! Woohooo \m/
  7. Last.FM scrobbling ( recording / tracking of plays ). Poweramp will record the "currently playing" song, but not trigger the "I actually listened to this song" state. At least, not with the Simple LastFM client. Maybe I should go back to the official client? Or some other ( even tho it works fine for all other players ).
  8. I've noticed this also doesn't seem to work for album lists as well. Not sure if in have the filesystem setting enabled tho... Off to check!
  9. Frankly - scrobbling only kinda works, it updates the "now playing" but never the "played" tracks. I'd LOVE Android Auto support, which I somehow doubt is in here. Functionality? I still think GMMP and Neutron play Poweramp away in functionality - god - a play queue that IS ACTUALLY A QUEUE - you know how queues work? They remove items when processed, I hate how a lot of players don't do this. Now, if you're talking DAC stuff - I believe Neutron has support for that, maybe not to same level, but then I don't currently use any DACs ( at least not via the phone - that's all bluetooth ).
  10. Isn't this one of the points of betas tho - if its fine for the majority of users, push a new beta. Work on those device-specific issues, push another update. Unless those specific devices are like the Samsung Galaxy or another high-profile MAJOR player this seems exactly what beta releases are for. Unfortunately it is what it is, and as Max seems to be a perfectionist, we can but wait.
  11. Definitely agree here about unusable things - like the early stages of Max setting up this new UI stuff - no one needs to see that. But now - with a month to go til final release - things should be 95% there or higher, we know the release coming won't be the final release since it's still called beta, and chances are there will be minor glitches once a vast large community see it. But at this late stage, I'm actually kinda hoping there's some gnarly major issue that's blocking the release, cause other wise it feels like procrastination and perfection hunting. I've definitely fallen into that trap over the last 20+ years of development, audio editing, photography. But I digress, this is turning into a general software dev. conversation now - that's best left for my podcast
  12. Isn't that commonly regarded these days as one of the worst ways to deliver software these days - agile rah rah - deliver early, deliver often, solicit feedback, evolve, improve. Nothing will EVER be 100%.
  13. That looks hideous. Altho without seeing how it actually works in practise, with animations etc. very hard to judge. It might also be a limited/cut-down test theme as well so in reality it could be the most awesome thing ever. Gut reaction tho is not all that enthused, still - can't wait to actually see this in action. So the beta is in dropping in May, which we're in now - bring it on. Altho, wasn't the beta also dropping in February, then April? ( Not that I can talk, my own software projects are so delayed I know how it can go ).
  14. Works very good, except where it doesn't. I never thought I'd miss a working scrobbler so much. Yes v3 is awesome currently, but it would have been great to some some minor fix releases along the journey. Version control tools do branching quite well these days you know...
  15. I need to correct myself - at the time of writing I only saw the 'summary' of the pinned notice not the full message. Great to see some detail in there... look forward to seeing the result of this hard hard work....
  16. I see that - but it just sounds like echoing the already tired response of "it needs a full rebuild", a little more _detail_ on the progres might actually go a long way with appeasing hungry users who want nothing more than to see Max release a great, killer player. Currently all we see are delays, and no hint of progress - which unfortunately instills fear in users. Hopefully it'll be ready soon....
  17. Sounds like the last.fm scrobbling bugs will remain then? Man, spending a year solely on UI - sounds like a nightmare - I feel for Max - tho can't help but think that it'll something be so tailored and special, that it'll quite possibly become brittle over time ( I hope not ). Hopefully there's some judicious Dagger2 usage in there separating the core code from the UI. Personally I would have liked to have seen more/better features than a sole focus on a UI rewrite. As awesome as Poweramp is, it does still lack in areas. Still, I look forward to seeing it - given we're so close to release, I would have thought we'd have seen some kind of marketting hype/previews/hints coming out.
  18. So is there any sign of the new release at all? I sure hope to god there's something more than JUST the material UI in the new version when it lands....
  19. Well that's more than I got from this twitter exchange recently, 9 months with no news of progress really leaves me wondering just what Poweramp 3 will be like with little user feedback. Here's hoping we'll be surprised with awesomeness.
  20. Oooo so looking forward to seeing what delights you're bringing us. I can see why it's taking time!
  21. Amen. Mostly idling here, but I get the feeling that a bit more visibility into the progress of development might also help mitigate things ( altho, it might infuriate some with more "ack I want that feature NOW" type posts You're right - you can't rush quality or performance - but in part, that's why alpha builds get made - to get feedback from the wider community of random devices, media library sizes etc. etc. It's a hard line to cross for us dev type folk tho - toooo many builds yield way too many duplicate bug reports, not enough builds yield bugs reports never being filed.
  22. This sounds like a problem I recently had, and worked thru with Justin and crew at JRT. I'm going to guess your running Android 6? I was having endless issues with the m3u files being deleted, or not syncing properly, these problems where fixed in one of the more recent iSyncr Android updates - so it might pay to check you've got the latest APK installed and try resyncing.
  23. talios

    PowerAMP v2.0 beta 3

    I'm seeing something similar - but I've not tracked down exactly what its doing just yet. One thing I have noticed which may just be making me THINK this problem exists, is that Poweramp shows the number of tracks that USED to be in a .m3u playlist the last time it looked at them. I use iSyncrWifi to update my playlists with iTunes, and it rewrites the .m3u playlists, which when I go and look at them will say for example "10 songs", but if I add the playlist then I'll see "30 songs" ( 10 being yesterdays count, 30 being the current ). It could just be misleading you?
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