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Add to queue as 1. next song 2. last song or 3. now (puts as next and skipscurrently playing).

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Am I the only one who browses music collection for good songs that I just want to hear at some point and others I want to be played sooner aka the next song?  My subsonic app used to allow these options.  I might have to test rocketplayer again.  I am hoping there is one that does 1 and 2 but sill has good tag / genre support.  

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If you want something played next, add it to the queue and it will be played either immediately or after the current (regular playback mode) song, depending on how you have got the queue configured (Settings > Library > Queue > "Start Playing Queue..."). There used to be an option for the queue to be started after the current category had finished too, but that got missed in the big v3 re-code, hopefully Max will have time to put it back into a future release.

I agree that it would be nice to have a fourth option in that Settings menu too, "Prompt", which would trigger user input each time you add something to the queue (choices being Immediate/After Current Song/After Current List, plus an extra tickbox to determine whether the new song should at the end of the queue or at the start so it plays next). 

In the meantime, if it's something you might want to listen to sometime later though, just add it to a temporary playlist instead,


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