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Mark Woolsey

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Request for PA to skip folders that have a .nomedia file in them.  I know this has been discussed in the past, but I didn't see anything recent when I searched.  Pardon me, please, if this is a duplicate of a recent entry.  This is very important because I have music on multiple platforms.  I control everything on my PC, but I sync to my phone.  MUCH easier to control on PC.  There are many random folders that I want PA to skip - I create files of "mangled" songs that I use for various specific purposes, but don't want to hear when I'm having PA just play all songs in all folders.  Not only does PA ignore .nomedia files, but when I try to manually (directly on the phone, not the PC) deselect a folder I've named "mangled", PA also deselects its parent.  This is bad.

Please have PA skip folders with .nomedia in it.

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PA is designed and intended to ignore .nomedia flags, so they can still be used if you want to tell the Android system scanner to ignore your Poweramp music library (thus avoiding double-scanned content).

Instead, Poweramp uses its own internal music folders list (in Settings > Library > Music Folders) which allows you to specify exactly which folders it should (and should not) scan. If you de-select a subfolder, the parent will be marked as deselected too (correctly, as the upper folder is no longer being used in its entirety) but you can manually select as many (or few) of the subfolders and you wish. 


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