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Bluetooth Fast Forward


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Poweramp V3 Build 820

Android 5.1

MotoG 3


Since updating to v3 i have a problem with Bluetooth Controls in my car. When skipping songs sometimes the player starts to fast forward and doesnt stop until i issue a new skip command.

Perhaps it is a problem with my car or im holding the skip forward button too long but in V2 i never had this issue. Is there a way to deactivate fast forward via bluetooth or make it less "aggressive"? I dont need it anyway.




I looked into the last commands in the settings menu and found the problem. Sometimes my car only sends a button down command and no button up command. Is there anything i can do?

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Just noticed this from another thread link. The problem in the above case seems to be that button ACTION_DOWN events are being created by the BT device with no corresponding ACTION_UP to say that the button has been released again, so PA must be assuming that the button is being kept held down by the user as it hasn't been informed otherwise, which means Fast-Forward.


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