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Resume on start-up for usb/sdcard


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When i start my car my unit starts Poweramp if i was playing music with it. 

I want to resume my music automatically so i found a setting Audio focus / Resume on start. It works for internal songs not with usb or sd/card. Poweramp is probably starting playback too early for the device, before it has finished setting up usb/sd card reader and it gives me error for not found the usb/sdcard. (This error only occurs when my car unit wake from sleep mode. Cold restart is ok and resuming playback with usb drive)

So could you develıp a setting for Poweramp to wait a few seconds before automatically play the music especially for external storage?



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On 7/26/2019 at 12:50 PM, maxmp said:

There is Audio / Audio Focus / Wait For Storage option. Thanks!

Yes, but doesn't wait enough, so the playing doesn't resume (on android car head unit)... It would be great if the waiting seconds could be set...

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