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Hello all. I'm an ultra-newbie, not only to Poweramp but Android devices. Can anyone recommend a beginner tutorial? Specifically, I'm trying to make a playlist from an external sd card on my tablet.

I'm used to Winamp on my PC so I'm finding this awfully confusing.

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There isn't a tutorial per se, although pages do have help hints that you get see by tapping on the three-lines menu icon in the lower-right of the screen (Settings is in that menu too).

You should first make sure that Poweramp is set to be able to scan your SD Card's music folder, using Settings > Library > Music Folders. Untick anywhere that you don't want Poweramp to scan, and tick just the top folder(s) that contain your music (subfolders will be selected automatically unless you manually change that). This step is probably not needed, as most folders will be enabled by default, but I tend to use it to cut down on the number of unnecessary folders that PA looks at. 

To add something to a new playlist, first tap the four-squares icon in the lower-left to get to the top level Library screen. Tap down into whatever Category you prefer to use (perhaps Artists, or Albums?) and then when you get down to the actual songs level, long-press on any song title and then tap Add to Playlist. You will be asked which playlist you want to add to, or to create a new one. You can add whole albums/etc by long-pressing on an album/etc title, or you can multi-select songs by ticking more than one song (after you've long-pressed on the first one) before tapping Add to Playlist.

To subsequently play a playlist, go back to the top level Library view and tap on Playlists. Choose your desired playlist and tap on it. To play all of it from start to finish, tap the Play icon. To play it in random order, tap the Shuffle icon. Or to start from a specific song in the list, tap the song title.


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