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Honor 10 - Can't locate com.maxmpz.audioplayer


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Hello people, yet another topic about the laughable playlist system, anyways..

I've managed to export playlists from my old phone, and they are stored on my desktop. However I cannot find the application folder in my andriod/data folder, or anywhere else on the phone for that matter, it's currently open on my new phone, I've used ES File explorer, still can't find the bugger. Any help from people who are on Honor/Huawei devices?

I'm unable to drag/drop the m3u8 files directly, obviously as they need a application folder to drop into, right? Any help would be appreciated.

Files are not locked, and can be edited, I cannot place the files into com.android.mediacenter, or com.google.android.music


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You can put the M3U8 files anywhere on your new phone - the Playlists folder would be a good choice, or just create a subfolder in your music folder on your SD Card. Just make sure that wherever you do copy them, you also check that PA is set to allow scanning of that folder (via Settings > Library > Music Folders)


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