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volume suddenly goes down in LG V30


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I was using LG V30(LGM-V300) and used Hi-Fi Quad DAC option

if Hi-Fi Quad DAC function is on volume level change 15 to 75

so my phone default volume level is 75

when I use Poweramp suddenly goes down

if this bug is because of Hi-Fi Quad DAC function it also happing to another LG samart phone

sorry for my bad english

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Thanks for the feedback.

When you use Poweramp and do what? Just start it? Resume playing? Anything else?

Also, LG implements separate volume control when DAC is activated and there is no way for app to know such volume controls is enabled (LG Android reports fake volume to an app, probably, for "compatibility").

Poweramp then just restores last known volume for MEDIA stream, as there is no way to know DAC volume, and this can look like volume change.

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