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No option to change notification information line color (Nougat with Substratum theme)


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Maybe this is something that already has been discused but, i'm having this issue with notification colors.

I mean, only the icons (play/pause, etc) and the app name.

I don't even talking about make it detect the art cover color, only make it white, so it can be readable.

In the screenshot below you can see how i have it now.

As you can see, i'm using a Substratum theme for SystemUI.


Obviously, i already tried all the options in Settings, but none of them seems to do the trick.


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@clever_man, Yes, it is a system notification, but the theme hasn't touched it.

Actually, in that layer configuration, i let it with the default color that the app has (as you can see in the screenshots).








Other options (liker the "Default is white") make all the notifications accent white (which i don't want, because all other apps have their own colors) or like the "System accent" option, make all the notifications match the accent color, which is blue in my case.

Here i can show you how the other apps notification accents work just fine (Google Play, Spotify and Youtube Vanced).








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