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  1. @andrewilley Well, i've just fixed it. Made a fresh install and loaded a settings file i've exported some months ago. But also exported a Poweramp-settings file before uninstalling, just to see if there is any issue, and when i load it on the new install, the list appears again, so must be some setting i couldn't find that is generating this behavior. is there any way to read those exported settings files as plain text to see which is the difference between them?
  2. I've tried all the notification types under that option and it shows in all of them.
  3. Hi. Maybe this is a totally silly question but, what is this feature exactly called and how can i disable it? It just popped out on the last update and shows random elements on the list. Thanks.
  4. And maybe through an editable config file on the app folder? I will really appreciate if you could include a dark-blueish background color like the #202026. And the #42A5F5 blue accent, both from the Swift Dark substratum theme.
  5. It would be nice if the background and the accent colors could be selected through a RGB color picker o something like that. In my case, it could allow me to match the Poweramp skin with my SystemUI dark theme and Oxygen Blue accent color. Anyway, great skin. It is the first V3 third party skin i really like.
  6. Hi. Can you put the cover art navigation in playlists too?. That's a way to organize songs. Actually all tracks (no matter album) are all thogheter and its very confuse. Thanks. Poweramp is awesome.
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