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Random crashes + Random Songs ID3V2.4 Covert Art Not Showing


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I have 150+gb music archive and i'm using Poweramp in my car. My archive is in Usb stick. Poweramp randomly crashes (not frequently) and sometimes some song's cover arts not showing. I'm perfectly %100 sure that all of my songs have cover arts bec. old version of Poweramp had no problem showing them. Latest version of Poweramp (for a specific song) sometimes shows the art but sometimes not. 


Maybe Poweramp has some kind of memory management issue. Maybe i'm having these problems bec. of my huge music archive?

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Same here for me also even though my library is not as big as yours still having the same issue. Whenever the album art is not loading in player screen it crashed after restarting the app everything is fine album art load properly.

Did you try the free skin if you use it & try to change albums quickly it crashing even more frequently.

I tried clean installing the app, tried full library several times but no luck 

Without the skin it's not that frequent but while using the skin it crashes quite often.

Here is a video regarding the issue


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