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Quick Access to Random Music


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I like to use Poweramp in two different ways:

  • To play selected music from the queue
  • To play random music via the "All Songs" list and "shuffle"

Poweramp is great in that it keeps the queue as is, even if I switch to the all songs list. However if I pause and then start the app again, it plays one track, then goes back to the queue.

I would really like a shortcut which does the same as going from the "Now Playing" screen, to the library, to "All Songs" and then "Shuffle" from the bottom menu. This should not replace the existing queue, just go to random mode as taking those actions does manually.



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The queue is designed merely to interrupt regular playback and play a few songs that you want to listen to immediately, and then return to regular playback once the queued songs are done. It is not designed as a regular playback mode (which is what the library modes, sort system, and playlists are for).


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