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Everyone I know who has tried Poweramp told me not to buy it because shuffle is too confusing for human beings to comprehend. Being an A-hole and thinking I was superior to every other person on the planet, I went ahead and bought it anyway. Okay, so everybody was right and I was wrong. There's a pretty shuffle icon and when you press it there's a bunch of stuff that comes up. I want to shuffle songs in a particular folder. Oh, sorry. It doesn't do that. Well, that's the only reason I bought Poweramp. So I could play songs in a particular folder not necessarily in sequence. You know, I'd like to be able to shuffle songs in a file.  Can you guys make a music app that allows you to shuffle songs within a specific file? I would have thought some code-writing super genius would have figured out how to make an app do this. Oh, I mean besides Apple.

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14 hours ago, kip152 said:

I want to shuffle songs in a particular folder. Oh, sorry. It doesn't do that.

Of course it does, PA's shuffle options are some of the most flexible around - but because of that, as you say, there can be a bit of a learning curve to start with.

Start playing your music in Folders mode (i.e. go into the Folders view, choose the folder and song you want, and tap the song to start playback). Then in the player screen tap the lower-right Shuffle icon to set the mode to "Shuffle Songs, Lists in Order" and you're done.

If you want another folder to start playing once the current one is finished, set the Repeat mode (lower right icon) to "Advance List", otherwise leave it Off if you want it to stop after the current folder is done (or choose Repeat if you want to keep listening to the same folder).

These options will stay exactly as you've set them, and are remembered between sessions, so once you've done the above simply choose a new song from another folder to continue (or press the >>> button in the Player screen to go the the next folder manually).


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