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Alpha 709 - Hi-res output bug

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Hi! Starting from the previous year I'm using Alpha version, Phone model is Xiaomi Redmi 4x. Everything is OK, Hi-res output really provides better and louder sound? but there is a bug - when I pull out a jack from the audio port and then insert it again, music starts to play via dynamics and the only way to return Hi-res output is to reboot the phone. Such thing happens not every time but very often. Quite annoying.

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Thanks for the report. Yes, it seems DVC is not compatible in Hi-Res mode on this device - you can switch DVC off in Wired Headset/AUX options for Hi-Res output.

DVC works properly with non-hi-res outputs on this device though.

There is no such issue on Redmi 5 plus (same SOC, but little ahead Android version - 7.1.2), thus I assume it may be resolved by future ROM updates. If not, I'll certainly have one more pass on Redmi 4 - may be something can be done about DVC+Hi-Res on it.

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Similar bug occurs on ze554kl 7.1.1, but apart from described above, sound changes direction to speaker after notification rings.  Pulling out and in headphone plug returns sound back to socket. Some rom updates coming in, but event is stable. Turning off dvc partially solves bug, but sometimes player gets hang after ring of notification, send you mail report. I hope, you read them.

I use Poweramp from 2011 year, it was excellent product, still android 6 has away.

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