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Ordering (all lists)

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I'd like to be able to go into any list (All Songs, Albums, Playlists, etc) and have a lot more control over the ordering of the list. Instead of the current choices of 'By name', 'By artist' etc, I'd like to see a drop-down menu of these choices with the ability to order the choice in ascending, descending or random order. Underneath the drop-down menu should be an 'And then by...' button which creates a second drop-down menu (with the item chosen in the first menu removed from the list) so that I could have a sub-ordering list. There should be no limit to the number of sub-ordering lists, other than the number of items the lists could be ordered by. So, if I wanted, I could order a playlist by random album, with each album ordered by random artist, and each artist's songs arranged by ascending year. I've attached a mock-up of how it could work.

I'm currently using version 709 for Android.

Poweramp Feature Request.png

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