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iTunes Songs Not Labeled


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When I scanned my SD card for my iTunes library, a number of albums came over as "unknown artist".

For example, three versions of A Hard Day's Night album by The Beatles, but only two found by searching the Beatles. The third has to be found by album name.

Checked info in iTunes and all songs are correctly labeled.

Why would some albums be missing info?

Also, not able to edit in Powe Amp. Happy to edit the album info, but it says to Grant Access to SD card then does nothing.


Any ideas?


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When it asks for Grant Access, you need to select the root level of the SD Card, which will then unlock subsequent write access to the SD Card. It's a Google 'feature' I'm afraid.

Sounds like some of your songs may be either mis-tagged or have unusual tagging formats (someone recently provided some sample MP3 files which were actually not MP3s at all, but AAC encodes with Quicktime-format tags - they came from Nokia apparently). If you could provide a link to one or two of the files which don't show tag data we could have a look. 


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