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Purchased, but can't register


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I just purchased Poweramp (non-playstore version) and bound it to my e-mail address. This address is registered on my phone using the built-in, stock android client (com.android.email) which has the same icon as described in the FAQ.

However, I can not register Poweramp due to this error message (freely translated from German): "This google or e-mail account (Android 3.0+) is not registered on this device."

When opening the account list, I see "Private (IMAP)" instead of "E-Mail" and clicking "Add a new account" only gives me those three choices: "Private (IMAP)", "Private (POP3)", "Exchange".

I am sure that it is the stock android e-mail client though, so what am I doing wrong?

Please help!


Some images:

Account list:




Content of "Private (IMAP)":



Content of the "add a new account" menu:



App details of app "email":


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I successfully managed to register by temporarily installing HTC Mail, adding my email account there and removing it afterwards. Should I still contact support to help you sorting out the issue? Maybe this might be a common issue.

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