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Can't restore purchase


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Changed phones, reinstalled Poweramp and can't register the purchase. Getting message that says 'no such google or email account registered on device"

Originally bought it off the website. I have the email with purchase info on it.

My phone has google services, gmail etc and my email is registered on the device in gmail.

Sent email for help, got replies but it was mainly to support links which I'd already read and followed.

Any suggestions? tried uninstalling reinstalling. Tried older versions etc.





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Did the support email resend your codes? It should be possible to use the Already Purchased link within the app. Otherwise there's not much I can help with here if you have read the FAQs and have the same correct account set up in your phone. All I can suggest is contacting poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com again.


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Hi,  thanks for replying.

I already had the code as I kept original purchase email.

I contacted that email address and they didn't really help. I guess I could try again but it felt like they gave up answering after they realised it wasn't a straight forward problem. 


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