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Clipping issue

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Hi guys,

Poweramp version: 2.0.10-build-588-play (full version)
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5
OS: Android 4.4.2 (rooted)

On some songs I hear a loud and noticable noise.
An example is the song: Highway Superstar feat. Honey Colonna - Dream Diary at 00:13.
What I've already tried:
- activating Limit in the EQ tab
- lowering all EQ bands
- lowering PreAMP
- changing audio buffer
- changing audio thread priority
- changing Replay Gain
- switching between different EQ presets
- testing it with a Bluetooth speaker, headphones and the default speakers

Whatever I try, the clipping/noise is always there.

I played the same song (file) with the Amazon Music app, the X-plore audio plugin, and with YouTube.
No problem at all!

Help, please!



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