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  1. Hi, since it has been released, can anybody answer my questions now?
  2. Well, April is not over yet. Probably he plans to release it at the earlierst in April. So, realistic would be end of May or June - if we're lucky.
  3. I see. Ok, do you know if April 2018 is still valid for the beta release?
  4. Hello, No answer means 3x no? Best regards
  5. Hello, I tried the latest v3 alpha but uninstalled it, so I'm still on v2. There are three topics which are important/interesting for me. 1) Audio engine In my library I also have a lot of old songs whose loudness level isn't that high. (According to mp3gain it's about 90 dB.) New songs have loudness levels of about 98 till 99 dB. I set the loudness level for all my songs to min 95 dB and max 97 dB. When I play the old songs on different devices or different music players, there is absolutely no problem. When playing them on Poweramp, I often hear some noises on specific positions. (Probably were clipping appears.) Even though rasing up the loudness level isn't the best way, it's very simple and very easy. Since all other devices and players (I tried) have no problems, I assume Poweramp's music engine could be a bit optimized. (I've already tried all settings, also in the v3 alpha) Any changes in v3 beta here? 2) Linking EQ presets to Bluetooth devices At the moment you can link an EQ preset to: - Phone speakers - wired headset - folder - track - bluetooth For the first 4 options it makes sense. For bluetooth I think it would be very comfortable if you can link an EQ preset to a bluetooth device. I, for example, use Poweramp with 4 different bluetooth devices. (Portable speaker, home stereo, musician keyboard, headphones.) Everytime I turn on a bluetooth device, the first thing to do is checking the EQ preset. Since Poweramp can recognize that the smartphone is connected to a bluetooth device, I wonder if it's possible that it recognizes to which devices it is connected. I'm no expert, but I do believe that would be possible. I doubt I'm the only one who uses more than 1 bluetooth device, so this means many users would profit of that feature. 3) Album covers. On v2 it's possible to set your design this way, that you don't see any icons on the album cover. Only if you press on the album cover, the icons will be shown. (At least there is an option.) On v3 alpha some icons are always visible. V2: v3 alpha: Is it the same case for v3 beta? Best regards
  6. P0w3rUs3r

    How to remove icons on album art?

    Ok, I installed v2 again. V3 alpha has for me only 1 advantage: the pre-amp of the EQ gets temporarily saved (when switching to another song). I hope V3 final will come in Eastern 2018, without forced icons on the album.
  7. P0w3rUs3r

    How to remove icons on album art?

    Will it be possible to remove the icons in the beta release?
  8. P0w3rUs3r

    How to remove icons on album art?

    Thank you for your answer. What you write sounds good, but it seems that last Alpha was released like 1,5 years ago? Looks like we would have to wait long time until a final. I removed the PowerAMP3 on my smartphone and left the beta, but I can't download PowerAMP2 anymore. What to do? I would like to switch to V2, since I don't really benefit of the V3's differences.
  9. P0w3rUs3r

    How to remove icons on album art?

    Not even with some kind of "hack"? (By my own risk of course) I have a rooted device and can access all files. P.S. When was the latest alpha released anyway?
  10. P0w3rUs3r

    Clipping issue

    Hi, I didn't help - I tried it with the latest Poweramp v3. The only thing that helped was using another YouTubeToMp3 converter... But it's strange that other players didn't have that problem. Thanks anyway!
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make PowerAMP3 look like PowerAMP2, but I'm unable to get rid of the 5 icons which are on or right above the album art. (I marked them yellow - additionally I added a screenshot of PowerAMP2 to show the difference.) Can you help, please? Thanks!
  12. P0w3rUs3r

    Clipping issue

    Hi guys, Poweramp version: 2.0.10-build-588-play (full version) Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 OS: Android 4.4.2 (rooted) On some songs I hear a loud and noticable noise. An example is the song: Highway Superstar feat. Honey Colonna - Dream Diary at 00:13. What I've already tried: - activating Limit in the EQ tab - lowering all EQ bands - lowering PreAMP - changing audio buffer - changing audio thread priority - changing Replay Gain - switching between different EQ presets - testing it with a Bluetooth speaker, headphones and the default speakers Whatever I try, the clipping/noise is always there. I played the same song (file) with the Amazon Music app, the X-plore audio plugin, and with YouTube. No problem at all! Help, please! Regards