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Playing a different album still shows the previous album's art

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Sometimes, when I'm playing one album (A1) then choose and play a song from a new album (A2)...

...the album art of the A1 still shows while playing the A2 track.

If I go to the next track of A2, the correct A2 art is shown.

If I skip back to the previous track of A2 again, the incorrect A1 art is shown again.

My album art is .JPG files in each album's directory.

I have:

   Nexus 6
   Poweramp alpha-build-703-play (Full Version)
   Nova Launcher 5.3 (Nova Launcher Prime 2017)
   Android 7.0 (NBD92G)
   Sony SBH20 Bluetooth headphone adapter
   Music library of mostly WMA with some MP3

Please can this be fixed. Thanks very much.

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