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Problems with the queue in Poweramp 703 Alpha


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I work a lot with the queue to quickly adjust my music to the mood of the listeners.

For example, I first play a complete folder or playlist, usually by random.

Then I sometimes search for one or more matching titles and paste them into the queue.

The titles from the queue are then to be interrupted by the folder playback and played until the queue is empty.

The already played titles were then grayed in the queue.

In Poweramp V2 I had never problems with it, everything ran in the best way!

My settings for the queue are:
Play queue: by current title
Back to queue: YES
Repeat after queue: YES
Ignore random playback: YES

In the V3 703 Alpha, I have identified several problems with regard to the behavior of the queue:

Problem 1: sometimes the queue started with the second assigned title, and not with the first ranked title

Problem 2: Actually, it always happened that after the last title was played in the queue, the queue was played again from the beginning, that is, That the folder playback was not continued

Problem 3: If after the Problem 2 additional titles were placed in the queue, the queue got totally mixed. You could only help by the queue was completely emptied.

It would be very nice if the cause of these problems could be found and eliminated.

Many greetings!

Frank Finsterbusch (FFhex), Jena, Germany

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