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  1. I work a lot with the queue to quickly adjust my music to the mood of the listeners. For example, I first play a complete folder or playlist, usually by random. Then I sometimes search for one or more matching titles and paste them into the queue. The titles from the queue are then to be interrupted by the folder playback and played until the queue is empty. The already played titles were then grayed in the queue. In Poweramp V2 I had never problems with it, everything ran in the best way! My settings for the queue are: Play queue: by current title Back to queue: YES Repeat after queue: YES Ignore random playback: YES In the V3 703 Alpha, I have identified several problems with regard to the behavior of the queue: Problem 1: sometimes the queue started with the second assigned title, and not with the first ranked title Problem 2: Actually, it always happened that after the last title was played in the queue, the queue was played again from the beginning, that is, That the folder playback was not continued Problem 3: If after the Problem 2 additional titles were placed in the queue, the queue got totally mixed. You could only help by the queue was completely emptied. It would be very nice if the cause of these problems could be found and eliminated. Many greetings! Frank Finsterbusch (FFhex), Jena, Germany
  2. Hi Andre, that's right, I have been expecting something wrong. I have just tried again. When playing a playlist or a folder, you can now add songs to a queue. then the queue will be played next. then the playlist will continue. this is perfect !! thank you Poweramp !! Thank you Andre, you helped me a lot! FFhex remark: I really do not see any big difference between playlist and queue, even not in operation and sorting. A playlist is something I've long been prepared and compiled for me. a queue is something I organize spontaneous order at the moment to play the song directly, which is expected but I would like to have the opportunity to push songs quickly to the "play next" position this is my "completely satisfied" package
  3. Hello Andre, many thanks for your replay! I have now found the move-slider, but it is difficult to use it, especially if my queue-list is very long. **) i think: would be better to have a "play as next" - button. it would also be nice to have a "play as next in queue" - button, already in the "add songs" - function (now i can place my song always at the end of the queue). **) my list will be longer and longer because the played songs not deleted thatswhy I think that's optional "delete the songs played" very well and finally it would be nice if I had a display "queue-played: x of y" in the front of the player, and a warning alert: "you need to refill the queue" when 3 songs are left Best Regards! Frank (FFhex)
  4. Hello Poweramp-Forum, nice that I have found this forum! I try Poweramp since a few days and I must say: the app is very useful. But I have a little problem with playing my searched songs in the queue. Is there any option that can remove automaticly the played songs from this queue-list? thats very important for me! a lot of other (windows)-dj-programs, e.g. traktor, virtual-dj or digijay.at work on this way. I fill my queue with my songs and the program kill them from this list, if they are ready played. Another problem is: How can I move the songs inside the queue-list, e.g. from position 9 to position 2? It would be nice if someone could help me. Many Thanks & Greetings from Germany! FFhex
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