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Full version unlocker installation broken

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I continually get an error saying:

"Poweramp has detected that Poweramp Full Version Unlocker installation is broken and requires reinstallation. This could happen due to the firmware OTA update. Reinstallation is free"

Usually I can close and continue to use Poweramp but sometimes it is also followed by a Trail expiration error which requires me to reinstall the version unlocker from the Play store.

I have cleared the cache, reinstalled both Poweramp and the version unlocker but it always comes back.

Poweramp build: 2.0.10-build-588-play

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Android 7.0, Kernel-version 3.18.31-11118867

I've requested help several times through the "Get support" link in the app but do not get any response.

Any ideas? Although I can still use it, having to constantly deal with the error and regularly reinstall the unlocker is getting very tedious.



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You can email your details to poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com. In the meantime (it might take a little while for a reply) you could try deleting the Play Store app data storage area and see if that helps?


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