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I had it with poor AVR apps either with Pioneer or Denon. I can play my entire Lossless files via my new Denon XAVR 2300 its certified HiResi Audio player but the App is OK. It keeps getting disconnected and does not display Picture Art of my Flac only Mp3 and its so small. Browsing performance of the 2tb hard-disk is slow.

Poweramp is so awesome while playing music and Flac music the picture art so large the Music Player by itself is full screen. For Music WOW Awesome. It downloads picture Art if not present awesome.

So its a REQUEST FOR A FEATURE where I can use Poweramp to play, control and browse the Music that's connected to the Denon via USB. Display Pic Art for Flac and Mp3 and if the Picture Art is missing ,can download  just like the same way as the current function.

Please I wish this could be possible as I love the entire interface of Poweramp. Please guys make it possible

Thanks - Clay





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I can't see that happening I'm afraid, as that Denon is a separate audio receiver/amp.

The only way for Poweramp to output to it would be via Bluetooth, which should work fine but the quality won't be quite as good as playing your FLACs natively on the Denon.


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