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How can I sort folder by file name and not song name


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I have a new smartphone with Android 7.0 and I'm testing at the moment the free version of Poweramp. I have a problem with the sorting within a folder. Example:

folder sorted by file name:

01 Wide Open Spaces.flac

02 Cowboy Take Me Away.flac

03 Goodbye Earl.flac

04 Landslide.flac

folder sorted by song title and song number on cd (it's 1, 2, 2, 2 in the tag for song number) through Poweramp:


Cowboy Take Me Away

Goodbye Earl

Wild Open Spaces

How can I get all my folder sorted by file name through Poweramp. I use the German version. I don't find the customization for " Sorting for folders/files/system library songs"





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