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Touch problem: powerammp is jumping around in lists


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With the regular, non-beta build of Poweramp, I have this problem where if I go to touch a song to select it and suddenly Poweramp jumps to a song way down or way up the list. 

It happens when I'm trying to just touch one song from the "all songs" category, or when inside of a playlist I touch one song to edit the tags, Poweramp will suddenly jump to a different song way down the list. 

This annoying touch problem doesn't leave me a lot of options. How can I fix this?

When I switched up to the beta release, there was no touch problem but the beta would forget any changes I made to any playlist, as soon as I rebooted my phone.

So with the regular version of Poweramp, there's a touchscreen bug that makes selecting one song damn near impossible, and with the Beta version it forgets any changes I've made to songs and playlists as soon as I reboot the phone. 

What can I do?

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There was an issue with some specific phones and dragging songs through long lists, but this sounds new. There is obviously also an issue with saving status to device on this unit too, which Max has noted in the past on occasions. You aren't trying to run PA from a memory card are you?


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Nope. I install all of my apps on the internal space, only music (& playlists), photos and videos go on my Sd card.

I love this app. I bought it a couple of years ago and consider it one of my best app purchases, but this touch problem popped up on my last phone, (Moto G4 Plus) and continued over to my new phone. (Axon 7)

I've done the clear cache, clear cache partition and Factory reset without automatic restore, options and the problem persists. I have no touch problem with any other app AND no touch problems with the Beta version pf Power Amp.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think this problem popped up with the last update to the official release that occurred not too long ago. (some album art download fix, if I recall)

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